February Beauty Haul 2015


hello everyonee,

today I have a collective haul for you all and as I say agaiin, I am so sorry for not uploading blog posts regularly as a part of me has been very lazy as well as me being busy!

  • Neutrogena Pore & Shine Daily Scrub:

I haven’t used this yet, but am excited in using this. On the website it says:

Visibly mattifies the skin and helps tighten pores with tangerine & lime

I got this for £2.99 but originally retails for £4.49!



  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes:

I brought two different shades of browny/nude colours, as they had a offer when I brought these! Overall, these nail polishes are quite good and will be repurchasing more of the shades. £2.99.


DSC01990  DSC01992

  • Revolution Brow Kit – medium/dark

As you may know, I love Makeup Revolution and was wondering how the quality of this would be seeing as it was only £2.50!  A full review would be up as soon as I use this!


DSC01993 DSC01994

  • Rimmel Stay matte powder: 

Now I brought one a couple a weeks ago, and then it broke! I was so upset because everyone was talking about how good it was, and the worst part was is that I didn’t even get to use it properly… and so I finally brought a new one lol. This retails at £3.99



  • MUA Mosaic Bronzer – 02 sunkissed

This is a beautiful bronzer with a hint of shimmer (very little amounts). Such good quality and pigmented that retails around £2.00

DSC01998 DSC02001

  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer:

This a beautiful natural bronzer, which i loooove! It is waterproof which is a extra bonus. This is £5.99



  • Collection  Gel eyeliner:

Now I brought this for £2.50 on sale. Now it has increased to £3.99 but originally it is £4.99. So definitely check it out! It is so pigmented and so easy to apply, it saves me so much timee!



  • Revolution Single Eyeshadow – Delicious 

I brought this to fill in my brows, and works perfectly! However ‘Kushal Beauty’ on youtube uses this shade for contouring which looks amazing on her. So this product can be used as anything, really. The best thing is that it is only £1.00!!


DSC02006 DSC02007

  • Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – watermelon 

I am so happy that I purchased this today!  It moisturises so well whilst leaving a hint of colour on my lips! I brought this for only £1.66 originally £2.49



  • Revolution Lipstick – Rebel with cause

lovee this colour so much! And for £1 the lasting power is amazing!


DSC02019 DSC02017 DSC02021

  • collection Lipstick – Sugar Plum

This is a beautiful plum colour which suits the winter season so well! I brought this for £2.50 but originally it is £2.99


DSC02028 DSC02026 DSC02029

  • kiko Lipstick – 909 

I love kiko Lipsticks, they’re so good!  So moisturising and sucha good price. This retails for £3.90



  • Kiko Lipliner – 703 – £2.50


DSC02010 DSC02009

  • Kiko Lipgloss Pencil – 10 – £3.90


DSC02014 DSC02013

  • MAC – Mocha

lovee this colour so much! It is a gorgeous browny/ nude!




Thank you for readiinggg!

Have you tried any of these products? what have you brought so far this month?


First Haul Of 2015

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Hello everyone and happy new year! (I am so late.. oops) Today I am going to be showing you the makeup that I have recently brought. Every product that I have mentioned will be linked towards the end of this post, so check that out!

DSC01959  DSC01960

So I have been into bronzers and so I have brought two. One from Makeup Revolution and the other from Collection 2000. The one from makeup revolution is in the shade ‘Golden Days’ this is a beautifull bronzey colour that has very small amounts of shimmers. It gives a really nice glow to the face and makes your cheek look defined. This was £4 and they have more shades which suit every skin tone!

DSC01838   DSC01839

The collection 2000 bronzer that I brought is in the shade number 1 and is called ‘Teracotta’ This again is a light subtle bronzer. But however this one is matte and very pigmented. I brought mine for £2.99 but now it is on sale for £2.50.  “Bronzing powder with a subtle shimmer for the perfect year-round glow. Available in two shimmering shades to add contour to the cheeks and jaw line”

DSC01944 DSC01946

Next I brought 2 concealers from Makeup Revolution. These are called “Matte Effect Concealer” I brought the lightest shade for highlighting and the darkest shade to contour. They where £1 each – very impressive for the price! what I can see now is that they are matte and very creamy, so I am looking forward on how they work for me.


This is the Baked Highlighter in the shade ‘Peach Lights’ beautiful highlighter that adds a glow to the tops of my cheek. This was £3.00 and is available in 3 shades.

 I brought a Revolution Blusher in the shade ‘Now!’ This was £1. I tried to take pictures but they didn’t come out clear so I have linked below the blusher that I have, so if your interested check it out! 🙂 

DSC01957 DSC01955

The last makeup item I brought was another Essence Lipliner in the shade ‘Red Blush’ omg this colour is just amazing! It is the perfect red that lasts forever, and the best part is that they are only £1!! I have done a review on it, so click on the link and it will direct you to my post:  https://nreviewsproducts.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/essence-lip-liners/


Lastly I brought a powder brush from wilkinson for £4. It is super soft and works really well!


  • Makeup Revolution Bronzer:  http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/face/bronzer/baked-bronze-golden-days.html
  • Collection 2000 Bronzer: http://www.superdrug.com/Collection/Collection-Bronze-Glow-Matte-Terracotta/p/898362#.VLFlOiusXsY
  • Revolution Concealers: http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/face/concealer/matte-effect-concealer.html
  • Revolution Highlighter: http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/face/highlighter/highlighter-peach-lights.html
  • Revolution blusher: http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/face/blusher/powder-blush-now.html
  • Essence Lipliner: http://www.essence.eu/uk/products/lips/lipliner/e/product/lipliner-08/
  • Wilko Brush: http://www.wilko.com/accessories-and-tools/wilko-premium-powder-brush/invt/0348250

Thank you for reading,

Have you tried any of these products before? 

December Haul 2014

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Hey everyone, in todays blog I am going to show you small bits that I have brought this week.

Since everyone was talking about how the Naked palettes where so similar to the ‘Makeup Revolution’ palettes, I just had to buy them! I’ve been wanting to get one for a very long time, but just didn’t have the time too. So I finally got my head around in getting this. I brought the ‘Iconic 3’ palette for just £4.00 which is amazing! The quality and pigmentation is really good, never did I think a cheap eyeshadow palette will actually please me! well done Revolution! However, the only down do is that it doesn’t have a mirror, but that doesn’t bother me. Apart from that…amazing!


DSC01638DSC01636DSC01642DSC01644DSC01646  The swatches on their website which I have linked, is much clearer so check that out!

I then brought the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation for £6.99 in the shade ‘201 Classic Beige’, again I have been wanting to buy this foundation for the longest time. This foundation has become one of my favourite ones. The dueyness and texture is perfect for me! It is so easy to blend and does keep my skin looking fresh for a sustainable amount of time.



I then picked up a felt tip liner from Collection 2000 for £2.99 and a lipliner from Gosh called ‘Antique Rose 002’ I am in love with this colour! It is a browny peachy colour which is perfect for the winter season! It is matte, waterproof and lasts a looong time!





Lastly I brought some facial masks from Superdrugs own brand. I have repurchased these many timess, as I feel that they do make a difference to my skin!


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 Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Essence lip liners








Hey everyone. Last week I picked up these Lipliners from wilkinson. I haven’t really heard that many reviews about this brand, but purchased from this brand any as it is veryyy affordable. I brought 3 of their lipliners and they where £1 each which is why I had to buy them.

For what I can see now, these lipliners are quite creamy and do last up to 2 hours however does dry my lips a bit. So therefore have to apply a bit of lipbalm on top.
But do be careful, I found that the brighter colours such as ‘cute pink’ lasts more longer than the light nudey ones. ‘In the nude’

As the weeks go on, I will definitely give you an update on my overall thoughts on these.

Thank you for reading
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Have you tried anything from essence?

November Haul 2014

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Hey everyone, haven’t been uploading in a while (which I probably always say when I write a blog lol) but today I have a small haul which I will be sharing for you guys todaay.


Okay to start of with I brought a foundation which is very popular, and finally got round in to buying it. It is the Bourjois Healthy mix. This foundation is amazing! It is so light yet covers a lot, it has a perfect finish — not matte at all, a bit duey but not SO duey. If that makes sense. In superdrug it costs £9.99 and smells fresh too, which is always a extra bonus. You could buy this here:  http://www.superdrug.com/Bourjois/Bourjois-Healthy-Mix-Foundation-Light-Beige-53/p/626452#.VGaAO_msXsY

Sticking to Superdrug, I then brought a lipstick from Barry M in the shade 164 which is a beautiful nude colour. I also did a blog about another Barry M lipstick which you can view by pressing this link: https://nreviewsproducts.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/favourite-lipstick-of-the-week/

DSC01212 DSC01210

I then brought a mascara from Maybelline called the  Big Great Lash. I am still getting used to this mascara, but not yet at a stage where I can be 100% sure if I like it or not.  I must say it is good for bottom lashes, and if your going for a simple look.

DSC01202 DSC01219

Lastly from Superdrug, I Purchased this powder from Rimmel called match perfection. It has a smooth texture that glides easily on the skin and evens out my skin tone, which is great.


Again more lipsticks. This time from Elf, I ordered 2 shades. One is Ravishing Rose and the other in Coral Cutie. Both these shades are so pigmented and lasts for a very long time. If you would like to see an in depth blog about these lipsticks, then let me know in the comments below.

DSC01205 DSC01211DSC01220

Lastly, I brought a lovely candle from wilkinson, which is from the brand Glade. This is the season where I have an excuse for buying candles. Don’t you just love it?


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Let me know in the comments below, on your thoughts on these products? Recommendations? 

Byeee 🙂

Favourite lipstick of the week

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lipstick on lip

Hello everyone, today I am going to be doing a mini lipstick review. This lipstick is one of my favourites in my whole collection! It is from BarryM in the shade ‘145’. I have read many reviews stating that this lipstick is a dupe for MACs ‘Girl About Town’ I haven’t yet consumed in this dupe, but i am convinced that they are very similar to each other. it is amazing because the dupe is £15 and this BarryM one is only £5!!

Most of their lipsticks are £4.49, which is such a reasonable price for such good quality.  It is super pigmented and lasts a loooong while.




The colour is a really nice hot pink colour which is ideal for evenings out.  I wouldn’t say that it is a every day colour for me. However for the brave people out there, it may be for you:)
The consistency is a glaze formula but lasts for a good 3 hours. It lasts longer than that but I would recommend to reapply after 3 hours or so, for it to stay the exact colour of the lipstick. After the 3 hours it doesn’t remain the colour, it goes lighter – which is still good for me. The formula is very moisturising, give a perfect even coat and is thick but looks completely thin on the lips – which is great.



Another great factor is that it will suite any skin tone! Anyone can rock this lipstick!

So, give it a try.

Have you tried any of BarryM’s liptick? if you have, are any of them as amazing as this one?

Thank you for reading and follow for moreee 😉