February Beauty Haul 2015


hello everyonee,

today I have a collective haul for you all and as I say agaiin, I am so sorry for not uploading blog posts regularly as a part of me has been very lazy as well as me being busy!

  • Neutrogena Pore & Shine Daily Scrub:

I haven’t used this yet, but am excited in using this. On the website it says:

Visibly mattifies the skin and helps tighten pores with tangerine & lime

I got this for £2.99 but originally retails for £4.49!



  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes:

I brought two different shades of browny/nude colours, as they had a offer when I brought these! Overall, these nail polishes are quite good and will be repurchasing more of the shades. £2.99.


DSC01990  DSC01992

  • Revolution Brow Kit – medium/dark

As you may know, I love Makeup Revolution and was wondering how the quality of this would be seeing as it was only £2.50!  A full review would be up as soon as I use this!


DSC01993 DSC01994

  • Rimmel Stay matte powder: 

Now I brought one a couple a weeks ago, and then it broke! I was so upset because everyone was talking about how good it was, and the worst part was is that I didn’t even get to use it properly… and so I finally brought a new one lol. This retails at £3.99



  • MUA Mosaic Bronzer – 02 sunkissed

This is a beautiful bronzer with a hint of shimmer (very little amounts). Such good quality and pigmented that retails around £2.00

DSC01998 DSC02001

  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer:

This a beautiful natural bronzer, which i loooove! It is waterproof which is a extra bonus. This is £5.99



  • Collection  Gel eyeliner:

Now I brought this for £2.50 on sale. Now it has increased to £3.99 but originally it is £4.99. So definitely check it out! It is so pigmented and so easy to apply, it saves me so much timee!



  • Revolution Single Eyeshadow – Delicious 

I brought this to fill in my brows, and works perfectly! However ‘Kushal Beauty’ on youtube uses this shade for contouring which looks amazing on her. So this product can be used as anything, really. The best thing is that it is only £1.00!!


DSC02006 DSC02007

  • Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm – watermelon 

I am so happy that I purchased this today!  It moisturises so well whilst leaving a hint of colour on my lips! I brought this for only £1.66 originally £2.49



  • Revolution Lipstick – Rebel with cause

lovee this colour so much! And for £1 the lasting power is amazing!


DSC02019 DSC02017 DSC02021

  • collection Lipstick – Sugar Plum

This is a beautiful plum colour which suits the winter season so well! I brought this for £2.50 but originally it is £2.99


DSC02028 DSC02026 DSC02029

  • kiko Lipstick – 909 

I love kiko Lipsticks, they’re so good!  So moisturising and sucha good price. This retails for £3.90



  • Kiko Lipliner – 703 – £2.50


DSC02010 DSC02009

  • Kiko Lipgloss Pencil – 10 – £3.90


DSC02014 DSC02013

  • MAC – Mocha

lovee this colour so much! It is a gorgeous browny/ nude!




Thank you for readiinggg!

Have you tried any of these products? what have you brought so far this month?


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